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I love makeup. Unfortunately, my budget is very limited at the moment, which is not good for this love affair of mine.
A few months ago, I got to try a few products by Makeup Revolution, and I knew immediately that I was before a brand that was not only cheap, but with great quality too! And we know how rare that is!

Last week, one of my favourite online stores for beauty products, Perfumaria Primor, was having a "buy 3, pay 2" deal in most of its brands, and I decided it was the perfect time to buy a few goodies. I really wanted to try some of  Makeup Revolution 1£ products, and these were the ones I chose:

- Pure Pigments on "Etiquette" and "Agonise" - Such a nice color pay-of! Etiquette is like a muted lilac browny color, and Agonise is a rich copper color.

- Lipsitck in "Treat" - My lips but better color. It kind of reminds my of a Kylie Jenner kind-of-color...

- Powder blush in "Love" - a soft baby pink color, great for days you dont want your cheeks to stand out.

- Eyeshadow in "Hung Up" - A matte light brown color, that I personally love to use on my whole lid with a massive cat liner.

And this was my litte purchase. I am yet to try these on a propper makeup look yet, would you like some swatches then?

3 comentários:

At wednesdays I wear pink disse...

Não conhecia a marca, mas adorava experimentar !

Inês Silva disse...

uso essa marca nas minhas beauty bags! acho-a muito boa :D


Princesa Sem Tiara disse...

Ando ansiosa por ex+erimentar essa marca :)


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