Introducing: Marley

So, I told you guys about the loss of my beloved dog Suri in my last post.
What I did'nt tell you was that my house has now a new guest: Marley.

Some people may think it was a mindless decision to get a new dog so soon after losing Suri, and I agree (in part). But as soon as I heard the vet saying that my baby wasn't going to make it, I knew I had to get a new puppy to fill my heart. It's like those people who cling to their other children when they loose a child; the bad news was that I didn't have any other dogs to give my love to. And I knew, I just knew, I needed another puppy. To heal myself.

Also, we've been thinking of getting a male Yorkie for a long time. My mother was the most interested, since Suri was mine and she knew I would take her wit me once I moved out home. When she held baby Marley, she immediately looked at me and said "this is it!". She had chosen the name a long time ago too.
And that's the story of how, just a few days after my baby's departure, we brought Marley home.

Now, let me tell you, having a puppy is no easy task. Suri was already 10 months old when she was given to me, so training her (and by that I mean, potty training her) was a lot easier. Maybe the fact that she was a lady had something to do with it as well. But Marley... Good Lord, I've never washed so many carpets in my life!
This process can be a little exausting, especially when we were so used to a dog that never peed outside the designated place. Also, a puppy is wild by nature, and most of the times we scold him he just thinks we are playing with him. Right now, his favourite hobby has to be stealing a slipper , passing right in front me as if saying "Look what I can do!", and then sprint around the yard for me to catch him. Oh, and bite. Everything. He. Sees.

Here's Marley, chewing a green marker. Such a nerd, this dog

Does Marley repalce Suri? Of course not. Not even in a million years. But he's such a cute baby, smart and funny. And when he's tired enough, he can be quite cuddly.
It feels good to have a purpose again. And to have someone to give my love to, or it would go to waste.

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