A whole hand of years

Today is me and my boyfriend's anniversary!

We've been together 5 years now. And what a journey it has been!

We've known each other since middle school, but started dating in high school (though we attended different schools). We've been together through many difficult times, and held each other up through the roughest of days. 
But, even though things are not perfect all the time, he is my best friend, my biggest confident, the only who can make me smile even when my mood is like crap, and I love him to pieces.

I just hope the future will be kind on us, and that together we can make all of our dreams come true.


1ª encomenda na perfumaria Primor (pt post)

Olá meninas, desta vez decidi escrever em portugês porque acho que este post terá especial interesse para as leitoras lusas :)

Há uns dias, através da Bel , descobri a Perfumaria Primor, que se trata de um site de venda de cosméticos e perfumes espanhol. Ora bem, para quem está familiarizado com a Maquillalia, é um site semelhante... Mas com muitas mais vantagens! 
Para além da variedade de marcas e artigos, dos preços consideravelmente mais baixos e de terem promoções constantemente, para mim a maior vantagem é que os portes são gratuitos em compras a partir de 10€! E chegam a nossa casa no prazo máximo de 72 horas, o que é óptimo quando estamos aniosas por experimentar um produtinho novo, ahah!

Já há muito tempo que queria experimentar o endurecedor da Mavala, mas o preço sempre me demoveu de o comprar (cerca de 20€ na Perfumes e Companhia, ou cerca de 16€ na Feelunique.com). Quando vi que na Primor ele custava apenas 5€, isso mesmo, 5 EUROS, nem foi tarde nem foi cedo: toca a adicioná-lo ao carrinho!
E com o Verão aí à porta, andava desejosa de comprar um primer pela primeira vez, e de forma a obter portes gratuitos decidi encomendar este primer da Rimmel, que tinha óptimas reviews na internet, e que custou apenas 6,14€.

Recebi também de oferta um gel bronzeador da marca Tropic (que não conheço), e que ainda não experimentei, mas posso desde já adiantar que tem um cheiro delicioso a cocô!

Creio que a Primor conquistou mais uma cliente, e a partir de agora este será sem dúvida um dos meus sites de eleição.

E vocês, já conheciam esta loja online?


New in: crop tops

I told you this was bound to happen.
Just a few days after I wrote the post about my latest obsession, I went shopping and could not keep my hands away from these babies.
I tried them on with  a little disbelief at first, but was pleasently surprised to find that they actually looked good on me!

Now I just need a little sunshine to rock these babies out.


Book review: The night circus

Reading is one of the biggest pleasures I have. 
Where I live, books are very expensive though. I used to buy them  from The Book depository before, since they were far cheaper, but since I bought a Kindle my life has changed. I've never read so much in my life, because books were never as accessible as they are now.
In fact, I love my Kindle so much, that the other day it wasnt working and I actually cried for a few minutes thinking it was broken. Turned out it just had ran out of battery.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine from college, who is also quite a bookworm, recommended this book to me, since it was one of her favourites.
And let me tell you, it really is delicious.

The story revolves around Celia and Marco, who have been training their entire lives for a tournament they know very little about. Their mentors send them to a circus, but not just any circus: a magic circus, that takes place only at night. They end up falling in love, but their fates are much to tangled...

I wont spoil the whole story for you because I personally hate when somebody does that. 
I'll just say it a enchanting book, with marvelous descriptions that we'll make you feel that you are actually in the circus yourself.
The love story is not the best you've ever read, and some situations seemed a little meh to me, but its still a very nice book to keep you company, to fantasize about and to devour with a cup of tea next to you.

What have you been reading lately?


Inspiration: Crop Top

I'm craving a crop top.
For long I thought that showing my belly button might make me look... well, a bit on the slutty side. Also, I never though crop tops would look well on me #bustygirlproblems.
But I think that if you combine them the right way - I'm thinking high waisted pants or skirts, blazers on top, maybe a kimono... -  it can look quite exquisite.
So, until I find the right one to bring home with me, here are some pictures to help me feel inspired:

All images are from Chicisimo.com


Ebay Picks #1

I love Ebay.

No, I'm not overstating this: I really love Ebay. My life changed since I started buying online. I'm mean, let's look at it this way: You read a lot of international blogs. You watch a lot of Youtube videos. You hear about brands that are not available nowhere near you, physically. And the more you know you dont have acces to those things, the more you crave them.

But unfortunately, Portugal stores can't year your crying and the brands you like never come to stores. And when they do, they cost a lot more than in other countries.
Thats where Intenet comes in! 

Anyway, enough rambling. 

I was telling you that I really like Ebay, not only because it allows me to get things that otherwise I could not get in stores, but also because if find such great deals in there. Cheap clothes and accesories, every girl's wonderland!

Of course the quality is not always the best. Well, I guess you get what you pay for. But for me quality is not a priority when it comes to a few statement, seasonal pieces.

The first thing I wanted to show its these pink high waisted shorts. Pastels are so in right now that I just had to get something pink for me. Nothing to do with pink being my favourite color, by the way.
Quality? Meh. The fabric is not the best, nor the cut. They are significantly different from the picture shown in thewebsite. But they were less than 5€, and I still thing I'll be wearing them a lot in summer.

Let's keep the pink theme here.
The second purchase its this fushia blouse. I really like chiffon blouses because they looks great tucked in jeans or skirts or shorts, and add a pop of color to any outfit.
Its just like the picture shown, and I happy with purchase. 
The best part? It was only 3€.

Do you ever buy stuff on Ebay? 
I'd love to know if you like these kind of posts, so let me know in the comments. Also, let me know if you want any of thelinks to these pieces!

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