Gel polish nails: a (very sad) story

Before going on holidays, my mother decided that she wanted to get gel nails so they would last the entire vacations and the wedding we were attending afterwards. Since my nails are super fragile and flaky, I chose not to get gel nails myself, since they have a reputation of ruining any real nail after they're removed.
But I went to the cosmetologist with my mother, and since theirs turned out so nice, I was caught in the heat of the moment and got gel nails  myself. I went for french manicure since they looked classic and polish and go with everything.

So far, so good.

The nails actually lasted a good 12 days, even though at some point some of them started to lift from the edges, but I resolved taht with a bit of clear polish.
The problem was the removal.
I was extra carefull and used a special file, but my nails ended up even more thin than before, and they seriously look all irregular on top, like someone scratched them.
So, would I recommend getting gel nails?

Well, if you dont like to do your nails yourself, if you dont mind paying to get them done twice a month and if you plan on wearing gel nails for a long period, the anwser is yes. But in my case, having so many nail polishes that I love, not having a lot of money to waste on manicures and having such fragile nails, this wasnt such a good idea. It makes me sad to think that before this my nails were getting so much better thanks to my beloved Mavala nail polish, and now they are even worse than before... Oh well, nothing to do now.
I wont be getting gel nails again, thats for sure.

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