Book review: The night circus

Reading is one of the biggest pleasures I have. 
Where I live, books are very expensive though. I used to buy them  from The Book depository before, since they were far cheaper, but since I bought a Kindle my life has changed. I've never read so much in my life, because books were never as accessible as they are now.
In fact, I love my Kindle so much, that the other day it wasnt working and I actually cried for a few minutes thinking it was broken. Turned out it just had ran out of battery.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine from college, who is also quite a bookworm, recommended this book to me, since it was one of her favourites.
And let me tell you, it really is delicious.

The story revolves around Celia and Marco, who have been training their entire lives for a tournament they know very little about. Their mentors send them to a circus, but not just any circus: a magic circus, that takes place only at night. They end up falling in love, but their fates are much to tangled...

I wont spoil the whole story for you because I personally hate when somebody does that. 
I'll just say it a enchanting book, with marvelous descriptions that we'll make you feel that you are actually in the circus yourself.
The love story is not the best you've ever read, and some situations seemed a little meh to me, but its still a very nice book to keep you company, to fantasize about and to devour with a cup of tea next to you.

What have you been reading lately?

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