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What a lovely day to share with you another of my Ebay purchases, right?

Last month or so, my aunt asked me if I could buy her a makeup brush set. She loves makeup but knows hardly nothing about it, and until recent times the only brushes sheknew were the sponge ones. She didnt want to spend a lot of money, though, and wanted a lot of brushes.
Now, I much rather have just a few very good brushes than a lot of useless, crappy ones, but once she saw this kit on the webapage, she made up her mind. And at 10€, the damage would not be very high... And so the order was made.

This 24 brush kit comes in a pink roll-up case - and for me, thats the cutest part of the set.

The brushes themselves are... How should I put it? They're crap. Yep, crap.
I've bought a lot of brushes on Ebay and almost always was happy with them. Yet, I always doubt these kits with many brushes. Thats 24 of them, of course, but many looked and felt just the same. 

The face brushes are the best (or the less bad), very fluffy and soft. But the eye brushes are simply too thin, pricky, and a few oh them could be twins of so identical. And theres not even a decent blending brush in the kit!

My aunt didnt mind, though, since she's such a newby to themakeup world. Maybe in the future she'll want something better, and when that time comes I'll try and help her make a good choice.
Overall, this is not a good buy, even if the price is quite tempting. Other brushes on Ebay are far better and with very reasonable prices as well!

Would you like me to share some of those brushes with you?

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