Long time no see

Hi friends!

What a terrible blogger I've been, I know. The last few weeks were crazy, college work related, and that kept me away from the computer. Well, not from the computer, since I had to write a lot of papers, but from blogging mainly. 
As you may know, I'm entering the last year of my master's degree, and with the interniship about to star and my thesis in progress, I've just been covered in work...
But it seems that it is all over now, and I can finnaly enjoy a bit of summer vacations.
Its been such a lovely weather here in Portugal lately, lots of sunshine and heat, and I'm yet to take my lovely feet to the beach (shame on me). 

Anyway, I'll do my best to keep up with the blog. Pinky promise!
See you soon, 

Olá meninas!
Tenho sido uma péssima blogger, mas as últimas semanas têm sido ridículas de tanto trabalho!
Com o último ano do mestrado prestes a começar, o estágio aí à porta e o tese em andamento, o trabalho da faculdade acumula-se a olhos vistos e eu mal tenho tido tempo para abandonar a secretária...
Mas felizmente, parece que vou poder aproveitar um bocadinho do verão - e figas para que o tempo se mantenha assim! - e poder dedicar-me ao blog também. 
Mantenham-se atentas!

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